Hardware & Systems
Do you need help selecting the right desktop computer, server, printer or other device to replace an existing one or to add to your business? We can review your current systems and recommend upgrades or replacement. We can provide several options, provide pricing and do in the installation.
Is your anit-virus software telling you that it has expired? Are you having problems opening PDF documents because you have an old reader install? Or do you need a new version of Windows, Office or QuickBooks? We can help you review your requirements, provide pricing and do the upgrades or installation.
Networking/Phone Systems
Our installers can wire or your office to bring them up to date with industry standard cabling for both your network and phone system. We can install and configure firewalls, switches, servers, back up systems, phone and voice-mail systems. We can also review your requirements and help with selecting a Cloud base service for backups, VoIP phones and more.